Specification Design & Bidding

Specification Design & Bidding

Our specifications are designed to meet or exceed the BC Building Code, material manufacturer requirements, RCABC Roofing Practices Manual standards.

We review you building to see if there are any issues with any other components that may be affecting the longevity of your roof, since its not always the roofs fault that it fails early. Things like poor ventilation, poor substrate construction, poorly protected walls, window/door detailing, etc. can all contribute to a roofs early failure. We look at all of the possible issues and design the spec to take care of these issues. This way, there are far fewer surprises once the work gets underway.

Our specs include:

  • Bidding instructions & requirements
  • General instructions & requirements
  • Site specific instructions
  • Warranty/guarantee requirements
  • Insurance requirements
  • Site preparation
  • Material list
  • Material Application instructions
  • Detail and overview drawings

Avoid suffering from poor performance or numerous additional charges for extra work that a contractor provided scope of work could be "forgetting" to include. We cover it all!

Once designed, we place our specifications out for bidding on our web based portal. Bids are submitted electronically. Time stamped and uniform, they are then easy to digest and understand, so the decision of who you should choose to award your project to becomes very easy. And of course, we are always here to provide advice on the results of the bidding.