IPRC History

Our company grew from a long line of strong players in the
roof consulting industry.
Started in 1979 as Inter-Provincial Inspectors (IPI) by Jud
Jensen, the company was created due to the need for third party, independent
roof application reviews in an industry that was rife with poor and unregulated
roofing application tactics.
Shortly after setting up the business, Jud sold the business
to Bob Elsdon, who changed the name to Inter-Provincial Inspectors (1982) Ltd.
Bob ran and grew the company to become the number one roof consulting company
in BC.
In 2005, Bob changed the name of the company to
Inter-Provincial Roof Consultants Ltd. to exemplify the broader scope of our
services and to more clearly define the “roof” aspect of it. Not only does the company
provide inspection services, but advise, information, direction, and leadership
to our clients and the industry as a whole.
Bob sold the company to Sean Lang in 2007, when he was ready
for retirement. Sean immediately saw the need to upgrade office and field
procedures to both improve in-house practices and field practices – and to
provide a better and more efficient product to our clients. Gone were the days
of hand writing reports and having them typed out by staffers. The computer age
was brought in (long overdue, in Sean’s opinion) and the business was streamlined
and improved.

Inter-Provincial Inspectors Ltd. 1979 – 1982

Inter-Provincial Inspectors (1982) Ltd. 1982 – 2005

Inter-Provincial Roof Consultants Ltd. 2005 – Present